With more than 40 years working in production and marketing of different presentations of cattle fattening meat.

“Los Fertres” is a national example of innovation, production and quality in handling beef carcasses, primal cuts and meat packaging for consumption.

Thanks to experience and adaptation to a competitive market, we have been able to develop and evolve with the national and international cattle industry. Our goal is to offer better and more delicious product every time, creating organizational models and vertical procedures that cover the breeding, the grazing, the pens, the trailing, the packaging, the storage and the distribution. This way we guarantee that our production chain keeps the quality degree and exceeds the defined standards.


Every activity carried out in “Los Fertres” is designed to maintain and improve our quality standards and achieve our fundamental mission: to satisfy our customer’s needs, provide healthy products, nutritious and innovate competitive prices, contributing not only to be a leading company in the field of fattening cattle, but also being a model of innovation, commitment, responsibility, collaboration and honesty, leading other companies in Mexico and in the rest of the world.



To achieve all controls required by the current industry we count on the necessary and newest equipment to assure the quality of the cattle from the time they arrive to our facilities until it is packaged for sale. All the processes are systematized in a way we can detect in real time the conditions of humidity, hygiene, temperature, performance, process and norms in each area of our facilities.