Ensuring quality in handling, production and marketing

Good practices


With the vision focused in maintaining our industry leadership we know that collaboration, compromise, honesty, responsibility and respect are the values that had allowed us to accomplish the standards dictated by SAGARPA, the Mexican government secretary, established in the good productions practices for confined beef cattle meat, and also the title of reliable provider. We also have the next certifications: USDA, NSF, SILIKER, HACCP, TIF and MEXICO CALIDAD SUPREMA. This achievements let us increase the exporting of more products to countries like United States, Canada, Panama, Korea, Japan, we also have internationals certifications for remote countries like Vietnam and Cuba.

Livestock feed

The Feeding is an essential part that “Los Fertres” has developed is to guarantee and emphasize that we will take special care during the processes of cattle handling and production. In order to get optimal nutritional procedures, we have a group of specialist in nutrition and veterinary health dedicated completely in monitoring the health of our cattle, and designing specific diets to assure that all nutrients are consumed and used properly and this way we can get a superior marbling and a perfect tenderness.