About Us

With more than 40 years working in production and marketing of different presentations of cattle fattening meat.


Located in Queretaro, Mexico, “Los Fertres” center their operations in the zone known as the “Bajio” wich is one of the fastest growing cattle regions.

Our practices

Since our foundation “Los Fertres” has also been committed to the improvement and innovation of the cattle handling process, this has led us to deploy the best practices to guarantee the quality of our goods. From the day we receive our cattle we focus on the particular need of each specimen and then we proceed to compensate the physical wear caused by transportation through implementing standardized vitamin protocols and corresponding vaccinations. Upon their arrival, all activities are registered using a RFID chip; which traces and guarantees all specimen receives the best care and treatment.. This system lets us control in real time the consumption and changes in the behavior of the herd and allows us to implement instantly any type of corrective action to offer the best products.

We know that these achievements and success would be impossible without the society where we perform our activities; therefore we support the sustainability of Queretaro implementing innovations to our facilities: the drainage water, the blood, the ruminal content, and the manure of the sacri ced animals goes directly to a biodigester in which we produce Biogas used to operate the boilers. We also treat the water for planting this way we contribute with the ecological sustainability of our environment.